SAP Services

MGT will become your preferred SAP implementation partner and employs best practices of SAP implementation. Our Global SAP Practice works with the quality of our certified and experienced consultants. Our SAP practice incorporates the best-practices within the industry. Our approach evolved as a result of our experience in implementing SAP in multiple geographies for diverse businesses. We employ the SAP’s ASAP methodology to ensure maximum effectiveness. We do not just automate the business process, rather we help organizations re-engineer their current business process. The MGT implementation process ensures a cost effective mechanism by means of our innovative onsite-offshore delivery model.

SAP Implementation with MGT Global SAP Practice:
» Lower cost of implementation without compromising on the quality.
» Flexible and innovative delivery models
» Creative knowledge transfer mechanism
» Global delivery expertise with Quality Documentation.
» Excellent change management services
» Stringent adherence to SLAs.

This implementation methodology follows a Roadmap, which portrays project structure and provides a detailed description of work packages, activities and tasks for each phase of the SAP implementation project. Our SAP implementation methodology phases include Project Preparation, Business Blueprint, Realization, Final Preparation and Golive& Support.

Our expertise across all modules, and multi-skilled team focuses on sustained results. The MGT Global SAP Practice has highly qualified consultants and our resources are drawn from a large pool of talent, scalable, based on arising requisites.


» Impart Professional knowledge to the Customers
» Build up potentiality in SAP related resources
» Dependable methodology
» Strong execution capability
» Assured On-time project completion
» Quality combination of tools and methodologies
» Remote application management

Why Upgrades..?

» Is your SAP support running out of time?
» Your organization may be missing the new functionalities in SAP?
» Is your organization struggling for space in a globalized world?
» Is your SAP keeping pace with the changing global business scenarios?

If the questions of this kind, are worrying your organization, your SAP system definitely needs an upgrade. Gain business-critical competitive advantage to meet present and even the future competitors through SAP Upgrade.

Our Global SAP Practice Specialty:

» Standardized project approach
» Technical Upgrade
» Functional Upgrade
» Modular deliverables
» Comprehensive hierarchically structured packages
» Multiple delivery models for cost reduction
» Robust process to assess the potential impact of the upgrade
» Identify specific areas for improving business processes
» Definitely MGT will become your true partner to provide effective upgrades.

Our Global SAP Practice Ensure :

» No major changes in the standard business functionality whilst we undertake a technical upgrade
» An effective continuity plan to minimize system downtime
» Thorough regression testing
» Modification clearing
» Planned change management for your functional upgrade
» Precise hardware sizing
» Effective risk management
» Minimized support costs for SAP applications and infrastructure

SAP GST Implementation

What is GST?

» GST is a comprehensive tax levy on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services at a national level.
» GST will offer a single shot solution by subsuming a welter of local levies into one system.
» States impose different taxes with varying rates on same products.
» For instance, a car’s price will vary among states because of different rates of taxes such as VAT, octroi and road tax.
» Under GST all these will be subsumed under a single tax, virtually making India a single market.
» Alcohol and tobacco will remain outside GST.

MGT Competency for SAP GST:

» MGT has their exclusive competency with experiences SAP Resources across GST Impact areas of SAP Landscape like FICO, SD, MM, HCM, ABAP, BASIS, Forms and Master Data along with CIN experience.

» MGT’s Global SAP Practice comprises of both SAP Certified, well qualified and rich experienced SAP consulting resources whose experience ranges between 3 to 8 years on SAP Projects.

» MGT is capable of deploying their resources on onsite and offshore model as per Client needs.

Following are the salient points of the draft GST bill :

» GST rate not specified in the constitutional amendment bill, as desired by the Congress. Finance Minister ArunJaitley said there was complete consensus at the empowered committee meeting that there should be no constitutional cap on the GST rate.

» All forms of "supply" of goods and services such as sale, transfer, barter, exchange, license, rental, lease and import of services of goods and services made for a consideration will attract CGST (central levy) and SGST (state levy).

» As GST will apply on "supply", the erstwhile taxable heads such as "manufacture", "sale" and "provision of services", among others, will lose relevance.

» The liability to pay CGST or SGST will arise at the time of supply.

» With GST to be applicable according to whether a transaction is "intra-state" or "inter-state", separate provisions are there to help an assessee to determine the place of supply for goods and services

» States will draft their own State GST based on the draft model law with minor variations.

» GST would be payable on "transaction value", being the price actually paid or payable, and said to include all expenses in relation to sale, such as packing and commission.

» As the threshold limit, the draft GST Bill proposes Rs 10 lakh, and for Northeast states and Sikkim, an amount of Rs 5 lakh.

GST Impact on SAP Landscape:

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables Invoicing [Non-PO] Management of Master Records Billing [Non-SO] Petty Cash Invoices and Credit Notes General Ledger GL Account
SAP Materials Management (Procure to Pay)
Material/Service Master Purchase orders, Invoices Subsequent Credit /Debit, Debit/Credit Notes Purchase Info Records
SAP Sales & Distribution (Order to Cash)
Sales Orders, Invoicing Distribution Channels & Sales areas Pricing (Types of Conditions) Billing Schedules, Delivery Debit/Credit Notes

SAP Forms & Master Data
SAP FI, SD, MM, G/L Reports Other Statutory Reporting Vendor, Customer G/L Account Reporting
SAP Human Capital Management
Employee Benefits Travel & Expenses

SAP GST India Forum

Global Rollout

In the present world, business processes were changing as per economics and market situations across geographies is a common challenge when considering the rollout of SAP to multiple locations. At MGT Global SAP Practice, we have different implementation approaches and strategies that help transfer of leading practices across all lines of business. Our Rollout philosophy conforms to your SAP template, with definitive changes to drive quick and repeatable project implementations.

We allow flexible template adjustments and minimize investment in redundant process development. Our Global Rollout methodology is backed by our multiple delivery models and knowledge of local, legal and statutory requirements across different countries.

Our practice employs a robust repository of reusable ingredients during different phases of the project to strengthen the SAP Global Roll-out process. Our dedicated Competency of experts, specializing in executing multi-country SAP global rollouts across continents by combining SAP standard tools and templates developed in-house is a benefit for your requirement.

Our ready to use template SAP global rollout guidelines, procedures and standards help you accelerate the global rollout. We assist you increase visibility to your local business project with quality documentation and re-circulate best practices built at local projects to other projects and improve communication and transparency to enhance your business.


MGT Global SAP Practice is a hub of professional SAP Functional and Technical consultants. Our SAP consultants help accomplish best practices in your organization across various verticals and add immense value to the bottom line of your businesses. We have the unique capability to bridge technology and business.

Our Practice owns a professional team of multi-tier SAP consultants who can fit into different Roles right from Delivery, Architect, Lead and to Consulting. We have a stringent selection process on various levels to ensure quality of our consultants and they Industry ready. Our internal training and mentoring process empower our consultants to perform highly efficient consulting for our clients. MGT Global SAP Practice comprise of ‘top notch’ SAP solution architects with multiple levels of exceptional experience in understanding the latest SAP Product Portfolio and lines of Business.

Our Global SAP Practice Specialty:

» Multiple models of engagement – on-site/offshore/offsite
» Quickly ramp up and ramp down resources from a large pool of resources.
» Service flexibility and reduced delivery costs.
» Global access to resources.

SAP Functional Modules

» Sales & Distribution (SD)
» Production Planning and Control (PP)
» Materials Management (MM)
» Project System (PS)
» Quality Management (QM)
» Plant Maintenance (PM)
» Financial Accounting (FI)
» Controlling (CO)
» Human Resources (HR)
» Payroll Accounting (HR - Payroll)

SAP Technical Modules

» NetWeaver
» SAP In Memory Computing
» GRC & Security
» Data Archiving
» Process Integration
» Mobile Solutions
» Workflow

Global companies always try to explore the ways and means to improve their bottom-line by optimizing cost while ensuring the retaining same quality if not better.By optimizing and outsourcing noncore functions, corporate leaders can better focus on, and further develop, core business competencies, while lowering total cost of ownership.

In order to achieve operational and strategic objectives, solutions must include superior technical expertise, dependable support, continuous knowledge management, and measurable cost efficiencies.

The service and delivery reliability can be achieved by means of calibrating an appropriate framework for delivering the Application Management Services.

Application Management Services (AMS) are designed to help organizations optimize cost savings, integrate information technology infrastructures and facilitate business process efficiency. Our innovative and flexible delivery models, reduced consulting costs by virtue of the location of the vendor delivery team, the dynamic transformation of your otherwise fixed cost to variable cost are key drivers for a partnered Application Management Service.

Our Application Management Service complements and supplements your internal team by augmenting their skills, cover for leaving and retired employees and increased capability arbitrage. Our services are highly reliable, scalable and flexible as we have a robust and flexible engagement model that caters to the need of your changing business scenarios.

Our innovative SAP AMS design focus on the resource requirement, which helps us constitute the project team and set up the infrastructure.

MGT GSAP Team understands that the requirements of each client are unique and diverse. This has helped us develop multiple levels of support, multiple pricing and flexible delivery models. Our diverse yet pertinent support levels can cater to your pressing needs from basic customer queries to mini projects.

Application Support Services:

MGT SAP AMS engineers are professionals with the knowledge and consultative skills necessary to perform activities in collaboration with customer staff, filling gaps in team capabilities, allowing their internal subject matter experts to be redirected to priority initiatives, extending the breadth of capability. AMS includes:

» Help Desk Support / Service Desk routing, Management, and Reporting.
» On-Call Application User Help Services
» Long, Medium and Short Term Staff Augmentation.
» Staff Backfill after hours support.

Global Support:

Our global presence of our partner enabled support offices, facilitate 24 x 7 x 365 follow-the-sun delivery of our entire suite of value-added Managed Services.

Focus on Client Satisfaction:

MGT Global SAP Practice is a service partner, not a Vendor. We work hard to build strong personal relationships with our clients’ user and IT Teams. This becomes the basis for a successful support relationship based upon mutual trust, collaborative service, and an integrated support experience for users driven by an unbending commitment to Customer satisfaction.

Services by Technology & Platforms

MGT aims to keep our customers stay ahead of their Business needs with streamlines and real-time Technology and Platforms. Following were few of our Technological services but not limited to.

Analytics Technology

» Business Intelligence

Enterprise Technology

» Data Integration and Data Quality
» IT Infrastructure Management

In-Memory Technology

» Apps by SAP HANA
» Data warehousing

Mobile Technology

» Enterprise Mobility
» Messaging Services
» Mobile Apps – across Industries listed

Some of the prominent SAP Mobile Apps

Asset Management

» Work Manager
» Inventory Manager


SAP Fiori » RDS – Rapid Deployment Solution
» Design RDS
  • Customized SAP Fiori – designed apps – based on SAP Fiori design guidelines – RDS.
  • Best Practice service package User Experience (UX) needs.
  • Design and develop the Proof-of-concept
» Receivables Manager
» Travel Receipt Capture
» Travel Expense report


» Business Process Analytics
» Job Monitor Progress
» Solution Manager Dashboards
» IT Change Approval
» IT Incident Management

Request to connect with us to explore more on the SAP Mobile Apps

MGT Global SAP Practice helps their customers to run their Business Departments run better. Below were some of the SAP Solution Portfolios specific to Business Line of Business from Asset Management, Finance to Marketing and Manufacturing.

Analytics Technology

» Asset Management - EAM
» Finance – SAP Simple Finance
» Human Resources
» Manufacturing
» Marketing
» R&D / Engineering
» Sales
» Service
» Sourcing and Procurement
» Supply Chain
» Sustainability – Manuh Global Technologies had participated in SAP startup focus program 2016 and shortlisted to develop an add-on for    SAP Sustainable Solutions. Project kick started in October, 2016.

The CIOs of today’s organizations are no longer solely responsible for the management of IT, but now for supporting business growth by reducing costs and driving innovation in an effort to build a strategic advantage.

Driving innovation and lowering costs? That’s a lot of pressure. The solution is the cloud. By adopting cloud solutions, businesses can lower total costs and transition from a fixed cost structure to a variable one while freeing up critical IT resources for strategic initiatives and innovation.

Few top benefits of cloud computing :

» Increased speed in responding to unforeseen events.
» Easy to get the latest and greatest updates
» Adoption is quick and simple.
» Improved information security
» The deployment time decreases from years to months
» Lower risk with subscription based model.

The MGT Global SAP Practice can leverage with various SAP Cloud solutions, on demand from their Global customers. To name few of them:

Few top benefits of cloud computing :

» SAP Business One cloud
» SAP Business ByDesign
» SAP Lumira Cloud
» SAP S/4HANA Cloud
» SAP Simple Finance

Many companies are already moving from non-cloud software to cloud software. They are using it to become faster and bigger companies every day. Opening up communication lines between companies to become part of a team that gets things done faster and easier.

SAP has numerous hosting options such as SaaS and PaaS. These are both SAP cloud computing solutions. SaaS stands for software as a service and is typically the best when thinking about the function of your business. The service is all managed by MGT Global SAP Practice, so your business does not have to. SaaS contains all the different modules for your business to run smoothly and communicate efficiently.

PaaS, as a service, does almost everything but manage applications and data. Leaving you the framework so you can customize and build on it. This application is configured on IIS or SQL Server and runs on a hardware or virtual system that the vendor manages.

SaaS is faster and much more cost efficient. It is also the one where the least amount of effort on your part comes in. Our Practice specialists take care of everything about the software, from updating it to managing the applications and data.

SaaS and PaaS share five essential characteristics in regards to their usage and service. The service itself is measured. Usage is monitored, controlled and reported supporting an open door policy for both the user and the vendor.

There are also cloud services that are a part of SaaS and PaaS which include private and community clouds. Cloud computing is a great way for employees to be more productive in this age of technology. It helps employees to stay connected so they are able to get the right information at any time and use it in their work. Community clouds are shared throughout the departments to address common concerns between them.

SAP is great for small businesses looking to grow in the future. When you don’t have to worry about constantly updating and fixing the software you have time to focus on the more important things such as growing your business. Your IT specialists will be able to focus on more important and more profitable things due to our twenty four hour support. Both of these options include modules that are built, operated and updated by our specialists leaving you to focus on what you need to do. These modules include, but definitely are not limited to credit vetting, integrating geospatial information into location-based visuals for plants, equipment and vehicles, inventory analysis and supply replenishment, as well as decision support through predictive analysis of transactional information.

SAP hosting is great for any business, whether you are starting small, growing bigger, or even already are a large company. SAP reduces wasted time in inefficient communication between departments by having central software for everyone to update and check. There are so many more benefits for you to discover. We look forward to growing your business with our SAP hosting services.

In addition to classical SAP Outsourcing, MGT Global SAP Practice also offers further services to their Global Customers:

» SAP Implementation Hosting
» IT- Outsourcing
» Remote Services
» Archive Services.
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As part of SAP S/4HANA, a new, next generation business suite, SAP Simple Finance solution powered by SAP HANA has been unveiled, to provide strategic value with instant insight across finance departments worldwide – all via a personalized and simple user experience.

With these integrated solutions, finance departments can now run their mission-critical processes in real time — including planning, analysis, accounting, consolidation, treasury, financial operations, risk and compliance — on a truly reliable and secure cloud.

In addition to driving agility in finance, SAP Simple Finance is also designed to provide the most simple and unified end-to-end experience for easy adoption — from the discovery of the solution to the deployment, until the actual usage by finance users. By leveraging modern design principles, customers also have the option to deploy the SAP Fiori user experience for personalized, responsive and simple interactions across most common financial tasks.

For maximum choice and flexibility, SAP Simple Finance is offered with subscription pricing and can be deployed as a managed service via the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. This set of financial solutions can also be connected to another cloud and on-premise applications in a hybrid deployment model, allowing customers to protect and extend their current IT investments.

Existing SAP customers can move to SAP Simple Finance by transferring their current finance landscape to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

The offering can be easily connected to the broad portfolio of public cloud applications from SAP for key lines of business such as human resources (HR), procurement, sales, service and marketing, as well as to the Ariba Network, enabling collaboration in the world’s largest trading community.

Customers can rely on a large ecosystem of partners established across regions to drive rapid value with SAP Simple Finance. SAP’s cloud ecosystem already includes more than 900 partners engaged as system integrators, resellers, ISV partners or managed services partners. SAP plans to continue to integrate more partners in alignment with customer requirements and the innovation roadmap of the SAP Simple Finance solution set.

The MGT Global SAP Practice is capable and ready to extend its support services to their customers, even on this new next generation Finance Business suite.

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MGT Global SAP also focuses on SAP SME Solutions both on premise and cloud. Our Customers can choose from affordable solutions, industry specific ERP solutions along with powerful Business Analytics.

Our practice is capable of extending our services and support for each of the solutions listed below.

» SAP Business One
» SAP Business ByDesign
» SAP Business All-in-One
» SAP Crystal Solutions
» SAP Lumira Solutions
» SAP Edge Solutions - BI, Lumira, GRC, HANA and so on.

The long SAP software implementation holds companies from adopting new technologies which on implementation can make organization to function more efficiently. With unexpected timeline changes and added costs, the budget often ends up beyond expectations.

At MGT Global SAP Practice, we understand that each of our Customer business is unique. But constraints of time and resources to develop unique solutions to address your critical business processes are a hassle.

This is where MGT offers SAP’s Rapid Deployment Solutions making our Customer business stay on top. SAP RDS makes the Business Software up and running in weeks, and our practice empowered with RDS specialists to achieve the results as expected.

With RDS our Customers get:

» SAP Preconfigured software to eliminate the guesswork.
» Speedy delivery helps you get the solution that meets specific Business requirements.
» Proven methodology with clearly outlined goals, expectations, commitments, and timelines to streamline deployment.
» Affordable and flexibly priced solution
» Easy and quick implementation

Some of the prominent RDS examples – Line of Business wise:

With RDS our Customers get:

» SAP Fiori
» SAP Master Data Governance
» SAP Real Estate Management
» SAP Treasury and Risk Management


» Ariba Procure-to-Pay Integration

Supply Chain:

» SAP Extended Warehouse Management
» SAP Advanced Production Scheduling


» SAP Fiori Apps

Request to connect with us to explore more on SAP RDS.

Outsource your Vision on SAP Usage to MGT SAP GDC:

MGT SAP GDC is a team of skilled Functional and Technical employees at our Offshore Global Development Centers in India. This enables the execution of SAP Projects in a cost effective, standardized and efficient way.

We create diverse and creative models to help our customers gain more value from their SAP investments. Our services are created on a strong foundation of domain knowledge, solution expertise, delivery excellence and passion to serve.

Our SAP GDC is uniquely positioned to address the business-IT challenges of our clients cost effectively.MGT acts as your true partner who brings demonstrated value & proven experience.

MGT SAP GDC is best suited for organizations with:

» No precision-defined visibility into the project
» No additional infrastructure to cater the internal SAP team
» Requirements to manage workload
» SAP internal teams or vendors
» Well defined project plan
» Good project management team
» No precise visibility of the requirements
» Defined number of requirements
» SAP partners who are into implementation

Customer benefits:

» Brings down your ongoing cost of running SAP.
» Resolves resourcing issues to manage workload efficiently.
» Helps you convert your fixed cost of running SAP to a variable cost
» Mitigates the challenge in recruiting quality SAP Consultants
» Provides niche skills and innovative SAP solutions
» You decide the type resources you want.
» 24/7 services, works in your preferred time zone.
» Complete control over the team structure and project flow.
» Transparent engagement process and comprehensive reporting system.
What we do in the SAP GDC? » ERP Proof of Concept [POC] Development based on latest Industry Requirements / Gaps.
» RICEF development in Implementation Projects
» Application Development (ABAP/JAVA)
» Business Intelligence (BI/BOBJ)
» Consulting
» Enterprise Mobility Solution POCs
» Adobe Forms and Flex
» Performance Tuning
» Security and GRC

Successful businesses are agile ones, so enterprises need experts, sharp in both business functions and technology. In our experience of working with various organizations we find that users are unhappy with SAP as it does not seem to conform to their current business scenarios.

The reasons could be: the SAP system might not have been configured correctly; or the business has evolved, and the SAP system configuration has not been appropriated. That is where you need MGT SAP Team, the champions who understand business processes and best practices in SAP to get the processes refined, deployed and executed in real-time.

MGT SAP experts understand your current business needs and advise you the industry best practices. Our functional experts glue your business with the correct use of technology to solve your issues.

Our Gap Analysis methodology makes use of proven and effective methods such as Simulation, Brainstorming, Questionnaire, and Workshops with reference Business Process ladders to bridge the gaps.

MGT SAP functional consultants translate business processes into technical requirements. We are aware of the need to accommodate your future needs and always keep this on the front face. Our functional consultants along with technical experts ensure interoperability of your system with existing platforms and ascertain the security of your system.

MGT SAP Functional Auditing Services:

» Templates – RICEFs
» Blue print Quality Review
» Impact Analysis
» Gap Analysis
» Business Process Design with Ladder diagrams
» Business Change and Impact
» Review of SAP Configuration Design in line with BP.
» Change Assessment
» Module-wise Functional Design in line with Business Requirements.
» Process Metrics, Warranty Review.

SAP Education

SAP Education Services SAP Education provides a wide range of consulting services based on our experience and best practices across our global SAP organization. Our customers obtain the benefit of our experience in many different markets, with customers of all sizes and across many different industries. We typically deliver our consulting services as per standard project phases according to a defined and logical framework. Our approach is a collaborative one that will be defined in an agreed Scope Document. While we also provide ad-hoc services, we have a wide range of standard.

Services in our catalogue:
1. Education and Training Strategy
Education and Training Strategy provides a customized best practice methodology for effective engagement of your team(s). The Education and Training Strategy includes advice for training stakeholder management and education governance, user training content development and delivery methodology, high level milestone and resource planning, tools/applications, the approach to translation and the identification of risks and issues in relation to the Education and Training Strategy. Existing Customer education strategies can also be reviewed for Customers requesting assessment of their current plans.

2. Learning or Training Needs Analysis
Provides the detailed training build and delivery approach for effective user engagement, establishing the baseline course catalogue (training curriculum tailored to specific learning needs), the learning paths per user group, the content development plan, and resource requirements to build and, where relevant, strategy for the deployment of content.

The Learning Needs Analysis defines in detail, the learning path(s) that users need to undertake, what material needs to be developed in order for the users to be trained as well as how the courses will be delivered (what content and what delivery method).

3. Training Plan
The training plan includes a detailed training schedule and delivery plan. It will include the step-by- step breakdown of the training content to be developed (e.g. transaction simulations, materials, job aids, and work instructions) and required activities for training delivery per release and/or wave of a project.

4. Training Services Development and Delivery
Training Services Development and Delivery will assist you with one or more of the following activities:
» Content Design - designing education materials
» Content Development - building training materials (classroom based training, virtual classroom training, elearning incl. simulations, tests and quizzes, exercise scripts, quick reference guides, etc.). This may also include the development of contextual online help.
» Training Delivery Environment - planning for and staging the training environment for instructor-led delivery or e-learning & self-paced exercise activities.
» Content Delivery - deploying the training (classroom, virtually, e-learning, etc.).
» Train the Trainer (TtT) - teaching those responsible for training to understand the created training content they need to deliver. We can also extend our services to assist your trainers with the skills required to present and manage the presentation and delivery of SAP training.
» Translation - translating education content into other languages.
» Additional ad hoc content creation or content delivery activities that are necessary to accomplish your goal.

5. Training Management
SAP will assist you with the following:
» Supporting your program/project for creating and deploying training materials
» Assisting you during the execution of the training program/project.

6. Education Software Solution Services
SAP will assist you with their implementation of SAP Education Software. SAP can provide solution services including strategic advice, deployment, training, and adoption techniques on the following SAP Education Software:

» SAP SuccessFactors Learning (SFL), SAP Learning Solution (LSO), SAP Learning Hub, SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB), SAP Productivity Pak (SPP) by Ancile, SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark, SAP Communication Centre by Ancile, SAP User Experience Management by Knoa (UEM).

7. Case Study
A Case Study will assist you to learn how to work as part of a SAP implementation project team. It includes a training exercise during which you are taken through a simulated project to better understand the approach and techniques to deliver a typical SAP implementation project.

8. Education Sustainability Assessment:
SAP will explore your current training support structure and roles within the team to identify knowledge gaps and make recommendations for improvement. The analysis of individual knowledge strengths and weaknesses will be done through expert-led assessments and tailored interviews. Continuous learning will be recommended for existing teams such as center of excellence (COE), a learning academy, or the super/key user community, etc.

For more details please visit:

Business Intelligence

The amount of data handled by enterprises across the globe, is doubling every day and will continue to multiply in future. This raises an increasing demand for business analytics tools helps organizations access, analyze and govern business process management efficiently. SAP business analytics solutions help you strike the perfect balance between business analytics across different verticals and accelerate business outcomes.

The amount of data handled by enterprises across the globe, is doubling every day and will continue to multiply in the future. This raises an increasing demand for business analytics tools helps organizations access, analyze and govern business process management efficiently. SAP business analytics solutions help you strike the perfect balance between business analytics across different verticals and accelerate business outcomes. MGT being SAP BI Partner, our analytics services helps our customers to leverage high value predictive analysis that builds up a more productive and useful business environment. Our analytics team with extensive expertise offers you high performance analytics solutions that enable you to analyze business trends and formulate informed business decisions.

» Information management
» Risk management
» Enterprise performance management
» Data analytics
» Data warehousing
» Integrated view of Customer business
» Improved business performance
» Lower total cost of ownership
» Quicker implementations
» Better control over business processes
» Increased profit margins

Now-a-days enterprises require instant and rapid access to relevant data presented in a way that facilitates effective decision making. SAP High Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) provides flexible data modeling with instant access to all your existing solutions including analytics, Mobile and applications both on-premise and in the cloud. It helps to provide instant response, to answer any question from any data or any system, across 26 different languages. Our Team of well qualified and experienced HANA resources empower our customers to gain complete and non-disruptive access to modern analytics capabilities.

» In-memory Analysis and Advisory Services
» HANA Roadmap and Assessment
» HANA Migration Services
» Accelerated business planning
» Faster Query Analysis
» Reduced load on IT Department
» Improved responsiveness of planning, sales, production cycles
» Better control over business processes
» Drive existing processes with greater accuracy

BIG DATA Analytics

Big Data is growing at 50% per year, with no sign of slowing. Until recently, all this data was seen as a problem. Now it’s being seen as an opportunity. Why? Deep within Big Data lie insights that can lead to competitive differentiation and giant leaps forward no matter what industry you’re in.

We have certified professionals working on data-driven enterprise solutions on Hadoop platform in the areas of analytics, data mining and prediction tools.

Our expertise covers the following areas in big data:
» Big data files structures including BigTable , HBase and HyperTable.
» Hadoop and its implementations under various platforms.
» MapReduce and related implementations.
» Analytics, data mining and prediction tools.
» Coordination services for distributed applications.
» Lifecycle management of structured and unstructured data.
» Big data interoperability.

Big Data@Manuh: ManuhTechnologies well versed with the challenges imposed by explosion of data and the resulting technology gaps in analytics and knowledge engineering from massive data streams for actionable intelligence and decision making systems.

We have teams that are working on big data solutions for interoperability between big data platforms that democratize and simplify the use of big data and Hadoop.

Some of the projects that we have worked on using the Hadoop frameworks to deal with large data systems.
Scalable Analytics on Unstructured, Semi-Structured and Structured Data Extreme Event Information Assimilation from Unstructured Massive Data HIT Warehouse Multisensor Real-time Distributed Stream Data Processing, Analytics, Retrieval and Visualization EHR Analytics – Mortality prediction – Breast cancer diagnosis prediction Distributed Image / Video Processing

Salesforce Services

Manuh helps accelerate business transformation through cloud implementation by offering an integrated approach towards solving the business case at hand. We are a one stop solution provider with end-to-end service offerings covering cloud strategy articulation, definition, blueprinting, We evaluate, implement and integrate with your existing applications. We also help designing custom pages and applications as required by the clients

» Sales Cloud, Service Cloud
» Marketing Cloud, Customer Portal, HR Portal etc
» Full lifecycle implementation using onsite-offshore delivery models

» Integration strategy
» Data interface/API development for CRM / apps
» Integration of CRM/ applications with legacy, in house third/ party applications

FORCE.COM platform services
» Development of business apps on platforms
» Customization to applications

Mobile applications

We, here at Manuh provide external services like wireless application solutions in tune of mobile application development, messaging solution and M-commerce solution that would enable you to reap maximum profits out of your business.

Through these services our clients will be able to experience the full-spectrum and diversified services in the field of gaming, business, utilities and also it will help you a great deal in mobility, accessibility.

We offer these applications on various mobile operating platforms present in the market. Our services include platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile. Our expertise in Mobile development applications extends to world of mobile messaging services as well. Messaging nowadays is not confined to SMS or MMS but has expanded to the Web messaging, Rich communications suits, GSMA etc. all through the help of web access and technologies like 2G, 3G and 4G.

At Manuh, we ensure that these ever expanding opportunities are turned into investments openings through services like SMS Delivery platform, Multi routing Classes, Cross-operating solutions, converged IP messaging in order to accelerate the messaging services.

M-commerce Solutions

M commerce or mobile commerce is definitely the way forward and we provide our clients with the latest M commerce solutions like mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile remittance. We boast of services Micro-billing, Premium SMS, MMS short codes and Pay for it.

M commerce has a very good potential to be one of the top most revenue streams and with the help of right marketing tools our clients can have an impeccable set-up of M commerce and through the development of their own mobile commerce solutions they would benefit increased customer acquirement. They would be able to build any kind of solution for target based marketing.

Android Mobile Application Development at Manuh

Android is an open source operating system that is hugely popular due to its Internet-like innovation and openness. The Android platform is unique since it provides a complete set of software for mobile devices which includes an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications. Furthermore, Android provides an open marketplace to third party Android application developers for instant publishing and feedback.

Manuh offers customized Android application development solutions on varied platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Our company also has the expertise to provide Android application development services for Pocket PCs, Smart phones, PDAs and other mobile devices. Manuh’ Android application development teams work with the latest development technologies like Java and Android framework to create customized solutions for different needs.

Our extensive list of Android mobile application development solutions include:
» Web applications for Android
» Android games and multimedia application development
» Applications with GPS Navigation, Travel Guides, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
» Barcode scanning solutions
» Android libraries building
» Utility applications
» Mobile business software creation

iPhone Application Development

The iPhone started a trend for mobile applications by allowing users to install exciting applications onto handsets. Apart from being a multi-functional device with Internet and multimedia, the iPhone’s touch-screen and built-in accelerometer enables mobile application developers to create a wide range of business and entertainment solutions.

Manuh offer practical and creative iPhone application development solutions that will enable you to convert your ideas into functional iPhone apps. Our team of professional iPhone application developers is experienced in developing various upgrades and enhancements including iPhone content, innovative add-ons and plug-ins and in the integration of inbuilt features with OS architecture.

Manuh offer custom-made iPhone applications for an extensive range of categories including:
» Social Networking
» SMS, and E-mail management solutions
» Web and Desktop applications for iPhone
» Travelling and Navigation apps
» Games, Sport and Media Broadcasting applications
» iPhone applications porting
» iPhone Books, Libraries, News
» Custom iPhone Utilities

Infrastructure Services

Our Hardware and Software Support Services provide around-the-clock integrated hardware and software services backed by our global support infrastructure. Receive consistent quality services with our global infrastructure of people – no matter where you are. Choose the service level you need, whether through our integrated support tiers or standalone options.

We offer regular maintenance and trouble-shooting services for database, application system, network and hardware.

Our IT infrastructure maintenance services include:

» Product update service
» Technical Exchange and Support
» IT Strategy Planning
» Performance Optimization
» System Integration

  • Manuh is proud to have an extremely talented, interactive and qualitative resource pool.

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