We help our customers realize superior performance by enhancing the quality of care delivery and clinical outcomes through interoperable, standards-based information systems and optimized management processes. As systems integrator, we install, implement, develop, customize, support and maintain healthcare solutions for hospitals and care delivery organizations. With rich experience in executing several engagements across the globe, we help organizations:

» Transform care delivery with integrated health information systems. Integrate existing disparate systems to provide a single, seamless patient-centric solution, implement and integrate additional solutions as well.

» The depth and breadth of our solution offerings for EMR/EHR implementations is complemented by the business strengths which the partner solutions offer.

» we have the experience, expertise and capabilities to help you innovate and transform your healthcare enterprise. Our full services offering comprises IT services, business process outsourcing, consulting and infrastructure services.

» Manuh’s processes and technologies are customized to the needs of the healthcare industry from the ease of user perspective and the regulations (HITECH, HIPAA, 21 CFR 11 standards JCAHO) point of view.

» We also address the price sensitive markets with region specific partners providing pricing advantage and flexible working models.

EHR and EMR solutions in Health Care

HIMS is a medical billing and coding application for each encounter of a patient. The coders can add diagnosis and procedure codes. The coders use the 3M Encoder to look up ICD-9 codes. After completion of coding, a HL7 message is generated using MirthDB and sent to PowerChart for updating the billing codes for each encounter

EERS is designed to keep track of the different categories [Patient, Security, Housing, Safety and ADS] of events and different event type under each category. The system has a generalized architecture and it is metadata driven to accommodate changes in the state of the data.
AAS is a schedule management application to manage the Anesthesia appointments.
National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions - Every quarter hospitals need to submit a Ped Clinical file consisting of all the inpatients/outpatients treatment details along with insurance health plans. This application generates a flat file from various EHR and EMR applications

Clinical Research Solutions

PDMS is a document management system used across St. Jude. This application is a repository for all the documents related to Research protocols. Each user can access these documents based on the permissions and the group the user is associated with. The Principle Investigators can assign DORs to each user for a protocol. There is a work flow associated with a certain set of documents under each protocol. The application also supports digital signatures for signing the documents. PDMS handles the entire life cycle of a protocol, right from Study Workspace to multiple amendments till completion.

Implemented Forms Based authentication for this application, which coexists with Share Point Services 3.0 in order to facilitate cross domain authentication with in the intranet. This application facilitates online collaboration of ECR forms which are basically Microsoft office documents. Version of these documents had been implemented and the historical documents will be rendered as PDF files. All the ECR forms will be generated programmatically with various tables and form fields using Office Automation
PC is a web based costing application. Costing is carried out for each Research Protocol. A protocol is a detailed plan for a scientific study. Each protocol consists of various phases and under each phase, there will be multiple visits. In each visit, various tests & procedures are conducted. For each test & procedure the system maintains the costs involved. Costs are categorized into Start-up, Per Patient and Administrative costs. For each protocol a Cost Map is generated, which is a matrix showing all the phases, visits and their respective costs. These cost maps prevent double billing of research costs and assign costs to internal budgets more effectively
Each trail at a Clinical Research hospital needs to be registered with NCI (National Cancer Institute) and the patient accrual details need to be submitted to NCI. This application handles the complete process of generating the file and uploading to NCI web services

Integration Solutions for Cerner products

DICOM-RD interfaces with Cerner’s EMR system. The Radiologists prescribe the Radiology orders using this system and the MRI/CT Technologists perform the scans based on the prescribed orders. This application retrieves the patient’s details and Research Protocol details from the EMR system. The Radiologists can add the MRI machine sequences and the field strength to be used. The application has a complex work flow to check for outdated and abnormal lab values which assists in the Radiologist and Technologists to perform the MRI/CT scan. This application also keeps track of safety devices and notes associated to each patient.


Manuh Solution is Software as a Service (SaaS) global logistics and shipping solutions provider that enables shippers, consignees, logistics service providers and ocean carriers to automate and improve their shipment management processes.

Logistic solutions help companies to:
» Better leverage the skills of the sales team
» Improve service (offer self-service) to customers
» Remove tedious manual tasks
» Gain greater visibility into inventory, cost and contribution
» Enable better decision-making and commitment to the customer
» Enable better cost and capacity control
» Drive higher margins and profitability
» Improve decision-making for large capital investments
» Enhance predictability

Freight and Logistics Software Benefits
» Freight rate management
» Booking and cargo execution
» Dynamic route generation
» Freight documentation and execution
» Revenue management and optimization
» Analytics and reporting

Financial Services

The companies involved in the financial services are becoming increasingly focused on technology considering the unprecedented levels of sophistication and efficiency the introduction of software can optimize their business. Manuh provides innovative and pioneering financial products and software solutions and focused on banking and financial services across solutions in the areas of Retail & Corporate Banking, funds & Cash Management, Credit Cards, Financial CRM, Credit Risk & Appraisal, Relationship Banking, EAI, Internet Banking, Data warehousing and Business Analytics.

» One complete system- including full-featured accounting, CRM, inventory, and ecommerce.
» Scalable cloud platform- for faster growth, streamlined operations and greater productivity.
» Real-time visibility- anywhere, anytime access to critical business information.
» Dramatically reduced IT cost- complexity, and maintenance.
» Industry solutions- For software, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, ecommerce and professional services.

Our Financial Services Software offers a comprehensive suite of offerings encompassing retail, corporate, and investment banking, treasury, payments, lending, private wealth management, asset management, compliance, enterprise risk with our process-driven approach to service-oriented architecture (SOA) deployments.

Manuh has a robust solution in response to payment service requirements of BFSI sector. Software products have been chosen based on market requirements, and significant investments have been made in developing them. The complete range of our services is backed by excellent financial services, delivery, consulting capabilities, proprietary tools and frameworks.

Our range of services includes software engineering and consultancy to financial institutions such as banking that includes commercial, investment, retail etc, mutual fund companies, insurance agencies, online trading solutions and more.

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